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by ; (lonelystar_)
at February 5th, 2009 (09:36 pm)

Cryptic Realm

A new year has arrived, and there's never been a better time to take your seat at the Mad Hatter's table and join in the fun of a tea party! Whether your preference is for heroic quests involving magic and mayhem, the twisted fun of fairytales that don't quite live up to expectations, the mystery and suspense of futuristic espionage, or the ongoing war between ancient races, there's sure to be something at our RPG buffet to suit your palate at Cryptic Realm!

In Blind Faith, angels of both Heaven and Hell must weather chaos and disaster both on Earth and in their own realms and deal with a vengeful Lucifer and a God who's MIA. Take your place in the angelic spectrum and experience this epic clash first hand!
Open Roles: Azazel, Belial, Belam, Gabriel, Lucifer, Michael, Naamah, Ouza.

Chronicles of the Redeemers follows a group of magical rebels and renegades as they battle to save the world - and each other - from the most powerful evil the universe has ever known. Are you a Redeemer or a Hellion?
Open Roles: Acheron, Aidana, Sihr. (This game is also accepting made ups.)

If the intrigue of the eternal struggle for dominance between lycanthrope and vampire excites you, join the fray in Crimson Moonlight, where a bitter dispute between estranged brothers on opposite sides threatens to escalate into a terrible battle endangering every resident of Toronto. Cunning vampire, secretive werewolf, innocent human, wronged survivor: stand up and fight for what you believe in.
Open Roles: Blake, Gisele, Valentino. (This game is also accepting made-ups.)

Everyone is under suspicion in False Awakening, where in the Land of Nod, supermodel Gorgeous has just dropped dead. Nobody can be too sure what happened or who did it. Could it be you...?
Open Roles: Absence, Borrow, Degree, Mice, Rich, Sod, Square, Steal.

In Far and Away, three outcasts have banded together to wreak revenge on the magical community which exiled them years ago. Where do you fit into this society?
Open Roles: Andrew, Christian, Eleanor, Jacob, Todd.

When you wish upon a star, it's fairly certain nothing's going to happen - and few know that better than the residents of Nareus. Happily Never After explores the truth behind the myths and legends and what happens when the fairytale life promised by folklore and the media goes awry. Princess or pauper, how are you going to solve your problems without a magic word or an enchanted pumpkin?
Open Roles: King Alexander, Aladdin, Beast, Belle, Cruella, Eadric, Eric, Hercules, Kuzco, Pedro, Philip, Victor.

Battling for control over the destiny of the world, in Nightfall the race between rival espionage outfits is on after the greatest disaster in mankind's history: the sun ceasing to exist. Some wanted ultimate power, others wanted to preserve the freedom of the human race, and now, as a renegade's own organisation comes into its own, the waters are muddied further as new motives and ambitions come into play. For what are YOU prepared to fight?
Open Roles: Alexander, Charlotte. (This game is also accepting made-ups.)

So what more are you waiting for?! Return to Cryptic Realm and join us for cake, tea, and role playing. Hurry up - the March Hare's got a pot brewing, and those cupcakes won't last forever!